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School Dinner’s Special Spotted Dick

8 oz self-raising flour, or plain flour with 3 teaspoons baking powder
4 oz shredded suet
A pinch of salt
2 oz sultanas or currants
1 egg, beaten (optional)
Water, milk, or cold tea to mix

Put in a large pan of water on to boil. Put an old plate at the bottom of the pan to stop the pudding catching.
Scald a pudding cloth (unbleached calico or a shirt sleeve is traditional) by dipping it in boiling water and wringing out. (Watch your hands.) Flour it well.
With a knife, mix together the flour, suet, salt, fruit and egg, if using. Add just enough liquid to make a stiff dough. Form into a rounded oblong.
Tie the pudding in the cloth, leaving a little room for it to swell. Plunge immediately in boiling water to cover. Put on the lid and boil for 2-3 hours, topping up with boiling water if necessary.
Carefully remove the cloth and serve with hot custard.
(Source: School Dinners, by Linda Sonntag, Sidgwick & Jackson Limited, 1988)

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