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SCALLOP - Морской гребешок (двустворчатый моллюск)

The nearly round, ribbed shell of the scallop is known to many who have never seen the scallop itself. Only those who live in seashore towns ever see the whole bivalve, as the non- edible portions are discarded before the edible part, the large adductor muscle, is sent to market.
1 pint scallops, fresh or canned
1 pint thin white sauce
Wash and drain the scallops, add them to the sauce and cook about fifteen minutes in a double boiler.
Baked Scallops.
Take the scallops out of their shells and trim off the beards and all the black parts. Wash the deep shells of the scallops, dry them, put in the scallops, and pour one-half tablespoonful of vinegar over each. Blanch a bunch of parsley and chop it finely ; mix it with the grated breadcrumbs, season to taste with pepper and salt, and bind the mixture into a paste with a little milk. Spread some of the paste over each shell, strew a few dried breadcrumbs on the top, and put a small piece of butter on each. Place them in a brisk oven and bake for twenty minutes. Serve the scallops very hot and in their shells, on a folded napkin on a dish.
Fried Scallops.
Trim off the beards and black parts, clean the scallops well and drain them. Put a lump of lard into a flat stewpan, place it over the fire until blue smoke rises, then put in the scallops and fry them until lightly browned. Drain them for a moment on a sheet of paper, arrange them on a hot dish over which has been spread a folded napkin garnished with fried parsley, and serve.
Anther recipe
1 pint scallops, fresh or canned
Beaten egg
Salt and pepper
Wash the scallops, drain them and dry them thoroughly. Season fine cracker-crumbs with salt and pepper, dip the scallops in beaten egg, then in the crumbs, and fry in hot fat 360 F. for two minutes. If preferred, they may be simply seasoned and rolled in flour and then fried. Serve with Tartar sauce.
Stewed Scallops.
Put some scallops in a stewpan with a half blade of mace, a little sugar and sufficient water to cover them ; stew gently by the edge of the fire for about thirty minutes or until tender. Put one and one-half ounces of butter in a stewpan with one tablespoonful of flour and mix it over the fire, then stir in some of the liquor in which the scallops were stewed, three tablespoonfuls of cream and flavor with a little grated nutmeg. Arrange the scallops on a hot dish, pour the sauce over them and serve.

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