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CRESS - Кресс-салат

1 pint water cress
1 onion
French dressing
Pick over the leaves of the cress carefully, removing all bruised or wilted ones, wash and drain, and with the fingers break the stems into two-inch lengths. Lay the cress in a salad bowl, chop the onion very fine, strew it over the cress, add French dressing and serve.
1 cup water cress
6 thin slices raw onion
1 cup dandelion greens
French dressing
The dandelion should be fresh and young. Wash the leaves carefully and drain well. Arrange them in a salad bowl with the cress. Add the slices of onion and pour the French dressing over all.
l/2 cup walnut meats
1 pint -water cress
1 lemon
French dressing
Crack walnuts and remove their meats as nearly as possible in halves. Squeeze over them the juice of the lemon and let them stand for a short time. Pick over the water cress and wash it carefully. Drain it on a napkin and at the last moment drench it with French dressing. Spread the nuts over it and give them also a generous sprinkling of the dressing.

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