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CREAM SOUPS - Крем-суп

Binding Thick Soups
When a vegetable, meat or fish pulp is combined with milk or stock in making soups, they separate and the solid substance sinks to the bottom of the liquid. Some flour or corn-starch cooked into the mixture will overcome this. With many of these soups the reason for using the flour or corn-starch may not necessarily be to thicken a soup which the vegetable, meat or fish pulp has already made thick enough, but to blend the liquid with the solid so that all parts of the soup will have the same consistency.
Flour or corn-starch may be mixed with enough cold liquid milk, water, or stock to make a creamy thickness and added carefully to the soup; or it may be combined with the soup by means of a roux. When a colored roux is de- sired the fat is browned before the flour is added and the mixture is cooked to a reddish brown color. When a roux is made in this way, the liquid is usually added to it gradually.
Preventing Skin on Cream Soups
A cream or milk soup has a tendency to form a skin on the top as it cools. If it is beaten just before it is served, the froth protects it against skin formation.
A spoonful of whipped cream or beaten egg-white served on top of each portion of cream soup aids in preventing the skin formation and adds to the delicacy and attractiveness of the dish.
4 cups milk or part milk and part stock
2 cups vegetable pulp or meat or fish pulp
2 tablespoons flour
Salt, pepper, other seasonings
2 tablespoons fat
1. Make a white sauce of the liquid, flour, and fat.
2. Cook the vegetables or meat or fish until tender, drain s and mash through a sieve.
3. Combine the vegetable, meat, or fish pulp with the white sauce.
4. Season, beat with an egg-beater, and serve. A tiny portion of whipped cream or beaten egg-white may be served on top of each portion.
The amount of flour may be increased for purees and bisques.

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