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CELERY - Сельдерей

2 cups celery
Strips of pimiento or green pepper and celery curls
l/2 cup mayonnaise
After thoroughly washing the celery allow it to crisp in cold water. Then wipe it dry, cut it into inch lengths and these into lengthwise strips. Place them in a salad-bowl, and add sufficient mayonnaise dressing to moisten the whole. Garnish with the pimiento or pepper and the celery curls. Serve at once. Celery salad admits of a wide range of additions, any cold meat, fish or fowl left from a previous meal being palatable served in it.
CELERY CURLS are made from the tender inner stalks. Cut in lengths of two or three inches and slit in narrow strips almost to the end. Place in water with plenty of ice. As the slit stalks chill, the ends curl.
Two bunches celery, one tablespoon salad oil, four tablespoons of vinegar, one teaspoonful of sugar, pepper and salt. Wash and scrape celery ; lay in ice-cold water until dinner time. Then cut into inch lengths, add above seasoning. Stir well together with fork and serve in salad bowl.

1 cup diced apple
French dressing
1 cup diced celery
Lettuce leaves
l /2 cup broken walnut-meats
Fold together the apple, celery, and nuts with French dressing and serve on lettuce leaves with mayonnaise. Do not allow this to stand long before serving, as the nuts will discolor the fruit.

Celery Soup (Recipe of Love)

1 pt. of stock
2 small heads of celery
½ oz. of dripping or fat
½ pt. of milk
1 small onion
Chopped parsley and thyme
Tablespoon of rice, soyetti or mock rice
Salt, pepper

Slice up the celery and onions. Melt fat in pan and fry vegetables for 10 minutes. Add stock, parsley, thyme, rice, and seasoning, also milk. Bring to boil, simmer of half an hour.
(Source: Recipes of Love by Sally Evans, Tandem Books Limited 1966)

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