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Here are some basic rules for preparing bliss balls:

1) Always soak seeds and nuts overnight.

2) You can soak dried fruit, but if you do, be careful that the kneaded mass of chopped fruit and nuts doesn’t get too watery. In othe wods the amount of dried frit and length of time you soak it determine the consistency of the fruit balls.

3) If you are working with small quantities, mash with a pestle first and then add the dried fruit. Shape little balls and roll them in coconut flakes or sesame seeds (unsoaked).

4) You can prepare large quantities very successfully in a Champion juicer with the juice spout closed. You can also use a blender or food processor with a chopping blade if the mixture is sufficiently pureed. In that case, adjust the consistency with the dry ingredients – fine coconut flakes, carob powder, popped amaranth, finely chopped dried fruit (unsoaked). Chop fruit and knead it by hand.

5) You can also chop dried fruit finely with a knife, and then knead it with the other ingredients.

6) Use a little honey as a sweetener and experiment with various spices.

7) Don’t make too many bliss balls at once. Wrapped well, they can be kept in the refrigerator, but the flavour fades with the time.

The following recipes are combinations we know to be good. The numbers stand for the ratios of amounts used in the recipes.

1 part raisins
1 part figs
1 part dates
1 part apricots
Roll in coconut flakes or sesame seeds.

1 part dates
1 part apricots
1 part almonds
1 part cashews (or hazelnuts)
seasoned with cinnamon and cardamom, or saffron
Roll in coconut flakes or sesame seeds.
Expand this recipe by adding:
1 part figs, 1 part raisings, 1 part walnuts, 1 part coconut flakes.
Even without spices these little balls are delicious.

1 part sunflower seeds
1 part dates
1 part walnuts
1 part raisins seasoned with cinnamon (optional)
1 part apricots
Roll in cocoa or carob powder.

1 part cashews
1 part dates
1 part popped amaranth seasons with cardamom
Roll in popped amaranth.

1 part sesame puree
1 part almonds
1/4 part honey
¼ part carob powder
seasoned with natural vanilla
Roll out ¾ inch thick on a baking sheet or tray. Let stand in a clook place for a while, and then cut into pieces.

2 parts almonds
3 parts carob powder
1 part coconut flakes
½ part dates or honey
½ part water (as needed)
Roll in coconut flakes or sesame seeds.

(Source: Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth Cookbook, by Devanando Otfried Weise and Jenny Frederiksen, Harbor Press, 1998)

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