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SNAILS - Улитки

Edible Snails.
Snails are cleaned by placing them in boiling water with some wood ashes and leaving them until they have thrown their cover wide open which will take about a quarter of an hour ; they should then be removed and picked carefully out of their shells with a fork. Put them in a basin of tepid water and leave for two or three hours. Afterwards rub them well in the hands and wash them in several changes of cold water, The shells are put in warm water, scrubbed with a brush and then wiped dry.
Baked Edible Snails.
Work one tablespoonful of chopped parsley into two ounces of butter, and season with one saltspoonful of salt, one-half saltspoonful of pepper, and a small quantity of grated nutmeg. Put a piece of the prepared butter into each of the shells (there should be about twenty-five shells for the above quantity of butter), then put a snail into each of the shells, and another piece of butter on top. Lay the snails close together in a cast iron pan, the mouths of the snails upwards, and not one upon another ; cover the pan so as to render it air tight, and put it into a moderate oven. When the parsley begins to look dark, the snails will be sufficiently cooked. Arrange the snails on a hot dish with a folded napkin, leaving them in their shells, and serve as hot as possible.
Edible Snails, Bourgoyne.
Take some Bourgoyne edible snails, disgorge them with a little salt for two or three days, wash several times in cold water, strain and place them in a stewpan covering them with water. Add a bunch of sweet herbs, some cloves and whole pepper tied in a cloth, and salt to taste ; cook until the snails fall from their shells, empty them, clipping off their tails, and cleaning the shells well. Mix together some shallots, parsley and butter, and chervil chopped very fine ; put this into a bowl with an equal quantity of sifted breadcrumbs and one wineglassful of white wine, season to taste with pepper and salt, and knead well. Partly fill the shells with this mixture, replace the snails, and complete the filling with more of the kneaded butter ; spread breadcrumbs over, and lay them on a baking dish, the opened part on the top. Brown in the oven for four minutes, and serve on a dish with a folded napkin.

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