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SARDINES - Сардины

Grilled Sardines
Scrape the fish free from skin, and wipe dry. Roll each fish in melted butter, sprinkle cayenne pepper and salt. Cover chopped parsley and chopped mushrooms. Wrap each fish in oiled paper and put into oven until hot. Serve on strips of toast, on hot platter.
A Choice Entree.
Melt butter about the size of an egg, in a saucepan, and stir in enough
Sperry flour to thicken. Add a bottle of tomato catsup. When well heated, season with salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, the juice of one lemon, and green peppers finely chopped.
Heat one can of sardines in their own liquor, but do not let them cook. Drain, pour into the tomato mixture, and let them get piping hot. Serve on buttered toast.
(If the sardines put up in tomato sauce are used, make a sauce by using the preparation in the can, adding tomatoes which have been strained, and thickened; then season as above).
Deviled Sardines
Roll each fish in a mixture of mustard, Worcestershire sauce, anchovy sauce and a little melted butter. Lay each on a slice of toast in a hot oven for five minutes. Serve immediately. (The "Mustard" Sardines are easiest prepared this way, as the mustard in which they are packed can be utilized).
Sardine Rolls
Make a nice, rich pie crust, cut in four-inch squares. Put one soused sardine in center of each square. Roll up and close ends by pinching. Bake quickly as you would pie. Garnish platter with lettuce leaves. This makes a delicious luncheon dish.
Sardine Rarebit
One can of sardines, drain off juice and wipe each fish. Put each fish on toaster and brown. Also toast some narrow strips of bread, upon which put the fish, and then place in oven to keep warm while the sauce is being made.
SAUCE Melt one tablespoonful of butter and add two tablespoonfuls of grated cheese, stir until cheese is melted, add gradually the beaten yolk of an egg mixed with one-fourth cup of cream. Stir until smooth and thick, and add salt and tobasco sauce. Pour this over the sardines, a few spoonfuls to each fish. Serve with sliced lemon.
Baked Sardines
Take one can of sardines, drain off the juice, chop fine after removing back-bone. Add yolks of 3 eggs beaten very light, 1/2 cup grated bread crumbs, 3 tablespoonfuls melted butter, 1/2 teaspoonful each of salt, pepper and finely chopped parsley, beat whites of eggs and add last. Put in buttered pan and bake.
Spanish Sardines
Place squares of nicely toasted bread or crackers upon serving dish, then upon the toast place sardines, powder well with chile powder, and sprinkle a thick layer of dry cheese over all. Place in a hot oven until thoroughly heated. Serve hot.
Sardines a la Hollandaise
Heat a can of sardines ("Soused") in the tin by immersing in hot water. Cut fresh bread in strips remove crusts, and toast. Place one or two of the fish on each strip of toast, pour some of the dressing from the can upon each, and arrange in a circle on a large platter. Fill the center of the dish with the sauce and garnish with water cress or olives.
Make a thick Hollandaise Sauce as follows : Beat half a cup of butter to a cream, add the yolks of two eggs, one at a time, the juice of half a lemon, 1/2 teaspoonful of salt, and a speck of Cayenne pepper. Mix in bowl and place in saucepan of boiling water. Beat with an egg-beater until it begins to thicken, then add a scant half cupful of boiling water, beating all the time.
A Delicious Entree
Put one can of soused sardines in boiling water. Let same boil for half an hour or until thoroughly heated. Remove from can, place two fish on each slice of toast and cover with a highly seasoned tomato sauce.
Sardine au Vin
Put contents of can of soused sardines in a shallow baking dish, pour over this one pint of oysters and one pint of shrimps, season well and cover with wine. Bake fifteen minutes.
Sardines a la San Jose
In a small saucepan melt one level tablespoonful of butter and a rounding tablespoonful of Sperry flour, mix to a paste and add strained tomatoes. Boil the mixture for two minutes. Mix sardines and bread crumbs (one cup) and chopped parsley, moisten in half a cup of the tomato sauce. Cover the top with the remaining bread crumbs and dot with bits of butter.
Bake for twenty minutes, browning top nicely. This may be baked either in a baking dish or stuffed into bell peppers.
Serve with the remaining cup of the tomato sauce.
Chafing Dish Recipe
Skin the fish and lay on brown paper for a few minutes. Then dip in beaten egg and roll in finely powdered cracker crumbs.
Place butter in a chafing dish so that when melted it will cover bottom of the dish to the depth of three-eighths of an inch. When hot place the sardines in and cook until nicely browned, being careful not to let them burn.
Serve on a lettuce leaf with mayonnaise dressing.
Sardine Balls
Pick required number of sardines into fine pieces, season to taste with salt, pepper and onion juice. Make into small balls, handling as little as possible. When the chafing dish (or saucepan) is hot, butter the balls enough to prevent sticking, place in pan, and shake gently for a few minutes until brown. Serve hot.
Sardines a la Cambridge
Take a can of good sardines ("Mustard"), remove the backbone and outside skin and rub the meat through a sieve; mix with it minced raw oysters, the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs, a tiny dust of paprika, three ounces of fresh bread crumbs, one and a half ounces of warm butter, and the liquor from the oysters, and the yolks of two raw eggs. Divide the mixture into portions about the size of walnuts, roll each up in Sperry flour and dip into beaten egg and then into freshly made bread crumbs, and put into a frying basket and fry for three or four minutes in clean boiling fat. Dish up in a pile on a hot dish on a dish paper, and serve hot. Garnish with a little fresh parsley around the dish.
Remove the skin from a can of sardines and place them in a a pan, add a piece of butter, a glass of white wine, a few shrimp, a dozen oysters, a few mushrooms and a few crusts of bread fried in butter, and when all is well cooked make the following sauce :
Place in a pan a piece of butter the size of an egg and melt, then add a spoonful Sperry flour and when brown, half a glass of the above mixture except the fish ; use a wooden spoon. When the sauce is made, add the yolk of an egg and take from the fire. Place the fish in a dish, spread on the sauce, and put in a warm oven for fifteen minutes and serve.
Scalloped Sardines
One can of sardines, one cupful of sauce (as below), five or six soda crackers. Pick the fish over, removing back-bone and tail, and flake with a fork. Place a layer of the sardines in an agate baking dish, cover with the sauce, then a layer of the cracker crumbs, another layer of sardines, and so on until the fish is all used. Cover the top layer with cracker crumbs and bake in a hot oven until brown. Prepare the fish sauce as follows:
SAUCE Two tablespoonfuls each of Sperry flour, butter, cup hot milk, salt and pepper to taste. Melt the butter in sauce-pan until it bubbles, then add the flour, salt and pepper until smooth, and pour the hot milk in gradually, stirring each time. Cook until it thickens. This is a good sauce to serve with any fish.
Sardines in Tomato Sauce
Drain the sauce from a can of sardines put up in tomato sauce. Add cayenne pepper and onion juice. Lay fish in and remove from the fire and cover. Let stand ten or fifteen minutes, sprinkle with chopped olives and serve.
Baked Soused Sardines
Put a layer of Soused Sardines in the bottom of baking dish, then put a layer of cracker crumbs, then a layer of tomatoes. Season with pepper, salt and butter, until dish is full, cracker crumbs on top. Bake for half an hour and serve as meat course.
Put into the chafing dish a piece of butter size of an egg. When melted add one-half teaspoonful finely chopped onion, -one tablespoonful green peppers cut in small cubes. Fry until done. Add contents one can sardines. Mix a teaspoonful of Sperry flour with butter the size of a walnut and stir in while boiling. At the last add a spoonful of sweet Spanish peppers chopped fine. Serve hot.
Sardines Fried in Crumbs
Take a can of sardines (the larger the better), wipe very dry, season with salt, pepper, lemon juice ; dip in Sperry flour, then into beaten egg, and lastly in bread crumbs. Heat about three ounces of butter in the blazer, add the sardines, turning them occasionally until a nice golden brown. Serve with tartar sauce.
Sardines in Worcestershire Sauce
Mix one teaspoonful of mustard with one of Worchestershire sauce, add a pinch of paprika, and pour over half a dozen sardines, which have been previously prepared by scraping off the skin and laid in the chafing dish. Cover the sardines with the sauce as above and let simmer for about three minutes. Have ready some pieces of toast about one and one-half inches wide and three inches long, well buttered and hot. Put one sardine on each slice, and serve at once.
A Simple Quick Breakfast
Take a can of sardines and put it into a pot of boiling water, allowing to boil fifteen minutes. Remove fish from can and serve with boiled potatoes.
Sardine Omelette
Place a good-sized piece of butter in a chafing dish or frying pan. When it becomes hot, add four well-beaten eggs, four tablespoonfuls of cream, and a little salt. When about -the proper consistency, place small piece of the fish on the omelette, roll and serve on a hot platter.
Sardine Croquettes
Take one can of sardines, one tablespoonful of melted butter, yolks of two hard-boiled eggs, one tablespoonful lemon juice, 1/2 cup bread crumbs, pepper and salt to taste. Mince the fish fine and work in the yolks of the eggs, together with the lemon juice, bread crumbs, and salt and pepper. Make into little rolls, dip in beaten eggs, roll in corn meal and fry in hot fat or olive oil. Serve dry and hot.
Sardine Fritters
One cup flour, two teaspoonfuls baking powder, one egg, one cup of bread crumbs, small piece of butter, enough milk to make a batter ; add the milk gradually, then the egg well beaten. Take one cup of Sardines shredded fine with a fork, and season with salt, pepper and dash of lemon juice. Add the fish to the batter, mixing thoroughly, and drop by spoonsfuls into melted butter or hot olive oil. Drain on brown paper and serve hot.
Minced on Toast
Remove the skin and tail of the fish, place in a mortar or bowl and work into a paste, seasoning with celery salt and paprika. Spread on crisp slices of toast and place in a hot oven to brown. Serve hot.
An Appetizing Breakfast Dish
Put a can of sardines into a saucepan and cover them with boiling water, heat ten minutes, remove fish from the can and drain off liquor into a separate dish. Place the fish on a platter and pour over it the following sauce : One cup of milk, two tablespoonfuls cornstarch, the Sardine liquor, one tablespoonful butter, one egg well beaten, salt and pepper to taste. Heat the milk, thicken with cornstarch and add the butter, salt, pepper, Sardine liquor, and egg. Serve promptly.
Sardine Toast
To a cup of the fish sauce described above, stir in a cupful of sardines which have been picked fine. Pour this over rounds of crisp hot toast and serve hot.
Fried Sardines
The larger sized fish are preferable for this dish. Dip into beaten egg, roll in corn meal or cracker crumbs, and fry in olive oil until nicely browned and crisp. Serve on slice of hot toast, garnished with lemon slices.
Sardines on Toast With Fried Potatoes
Mince cold boiled potatoes and one small onion, brown nicely in butter, seasoning with salt and pepper. Take one can of sardines ("Soused"), set it in hot water and heat through. Drain off the liquor and add to it small lump of butter and half cup milk. Have ready buttered toast, place it on a hot platter, and saturate it with the liquor drained from the fish to which milk, butter, pepper and salt have been added. Place one or two fish on each slice of toast, and arrange the browned potatoes around the dish, garnishing with crisp young 'ettuce leaves or slices of lemon.
Sardine Salad
Break the fish into pieces with a silver fork. Cut four or five crisp lettuce leaves, some celery stalks, small pickles and stuffed olives. Season with paprika. Add enough mayonnaise dressing to make it creamy, and toss the whole lightly together with a fork. Serve in tomato cups, or on lettuce leaves with mayonnaise and olives.
Sardine and Egg Salad
Place two fish on lettuce leaves, over which slice hard-boiled egg; add one or two ripe olives to each dish. Then cover with mayonnaise.
Cucumber Salad
Slice cucumbers on lettuce and on this place two fish, for each dish, and cover with mayonnaise.
Sardine Salad
Split the fish lengthwise down the back and lay on crisp lettuce leaves; squeeze the juice of one-fourth of a lemon on each fish. Put a spoonful of mayonnaise on top and garnish with cucumber pickles cut in small strips.
Sardine and Tomato Salad
Arrange crisp white lettuce leaves around platter, select good-sized round tomatoes and remove the pulp, after cutting a slice off the top of each. Mince three stalks of white celery and one small onion. Take one can of sardines, remove the tail and back-bone and break into pieces. Mix the fish, the celery and onion together and fill the tomatoes, putting a spoonful of mayonnaise dressing on top.
One Minute Salad
One can of sardines, several stalks of celery and half a pint of mayonnaise dressing. Remove the tail, skin and back-bone from the sardines and pick the fish apart, adding the celery (cut up fine) and the mayonnaise, mixing lightly together. Season with salt and cayenne. Arrange in salad dish, pour a little mayonnaise over the top, and trim the platter with lemon and lettuce leaves.
Broil a dozen large sardines on a double broiler. Lay on fingers of toast, garnish with lemon, and serve with Maître d'Hôtel Sauce.
Drain the fish and broil quickly on a double-broiler. Serve on toast and garnish with lemon and parsley.
Drain large sardines, broil, lay on fingers of hot buttered toast, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese, and brown in the oven.
Drain large sardines, skin carefully, broil on a double-broiler, arrange on fingers of hot buttered toast, and pour over a tablespoonful of melted butter and a cupful of canned tomatoes. Boil slowly until tender, take up carefully, rub the sauce through a coarse sieve, bring to the boil, and add a cupful of cream beaten smooth with a tablespoonful of flour. Cook until thick, stirring constantly; take from the fire, add a teaspoonful of minced parsley, pour over the fish, and serve.
Skin a dozen sardines and heat in the oven. Drain the oil from them, bring to the boil, add one cupful of water, a teaspoonful of Worcestershire Sauce, and salt and pepper to season. Take from the fire, add the yolk of an egg beaten with a teaspoonful each of vinegar and made mustard, bring to the boil, pour over the fish, and serve with toasted crackers.
Drain the oil from large sardines, roll in cracker dust, season with pepper and lemon-juice, and brown in the oven. Serve with toasted crackers.
Drain and skin a dozen large sardines, put in the oven, and keep warm. Bring the oil to a boil, add a teaspoonful of Worcestershire Sauce and a teaspoonful of tomato catsup. Arrange the fish on fingers of buttered toast, pour over the fish, and serve.
Marinate drained sardines in lemon-juice, then drain, sprinkle with cracker crumbs, and put into a hot oven for ten minutes. Cook together a heaping teaspoonful each of butter and flour, add one cupful of tomato-juice, and cook until thick, stirring constantly. Season with salt, pepper, grated onion, and sugar. Arrange the sardines on toasted strips of brown bread, pour the sauce over, and serve.
Drain large sardines, dip in egg and crumbs, fry, and serve on toast.
Rub to a paste one tablespoonful of butter, one teaspoonful each of French mustard and curry powder, using lemon-juice to make smooth. Drain and skin large sardines, spread with the paste, broil, and serve on toast with a border of broiled tomatoes.
Mix together a teaspoonful each of sugar and curry powder, add a cupful of cream and the juice of half a lemon, bring to the boiling point, add a dozen sardines, and heat thoroughly. Serve on toast with fried apple and sliced fried onion.
Skin, split and bone a dozen sardines. Season with salt, pepper, lemon-juice, and made mustard. Let stand for an hour in the seasoning. Broil and serve on toast, garnishing with lemon and parsley.
Skin large sardines, arrange on fingers of buttered toast, and heat in the oven. Add to one cupful of Cream Sauce a tablespoonful of grated onion, a teaspoonful of minced parsley, salt and pepper to season, and a tablespoonful of vinegar. Pour over the fish and serve.
Skin a dozen sardines and put in the oven to heat. Put into a saucepan the yolks of four eggs well beaten with one teaspoonful each of malt vinegar, tarragon vinegar, and made mustard. Add a pinch of salt, and a tablespoonful of butter. Stir until thick, but do not boil. Put the sardines on circles of fried or toasted bread, pour the sauce over, and serve.
Drain the oil from large sardines, skin and bone them, and stuff with chopped mushrooms, fine herbs, and bread crumbs made smooth with brown stock. Wrap in buttered paper, heat thoroughly in the oven, unwrap carefully, and serve on a hot dish.
Drain a dozen large sardines, remove the skin and bone, and lay upon a bed of lettuce leaves. Sprinkle with hard-boiled eggs, chopped fine, pour over a French dressing and serve with toasted crackers.
Scoop out the crumbs from stale French rolls and toast or fry in deep fat. Cook together a tablespoonful each of butter and flour, add a little boiling water, and cook until thick, stirring constantly. Season with anchovy paste and Worcestershire Sauce, and add drained and flaked sardines. Reheat, fill the shells, fit on the covers, and serve with quarters of lemon.
Skin, bone, and mash sardines. Rub to a smooth paste, using melted butter and lemon-juice, and seasoning with salt and Tabasco Sauce. Toast small triangles of crustless bread, butter them, spread with the sardine mixture, heat thoroughly in the oven, and serve piping hot as a first course at dinner or luncheon.
Cut hard-boiled eggs in halves crosswise and take out the yolks. Cut a thin slice off the bottom of each cup. Rub the yolks to a smooth paste with olive-oil and add half a dozen sardines skinned, boned, and mashed. Season with salt, pepper, mustard and lemon-juice, fill the egg cups, and serve on lettuce leaves with French or Mayonnaise dressing.
Prepare according to directions given in the preceding recipe. Heat in a double-boiler, or in the oven, being careful to keep dry. Pour over a Bearnaise Sauce and serve hot.
Boil and chop a peck of spinach. Add one cupful of fresh bread crumbs and four tablespoonfuls of melted butter. Mix thoroughly and add a dozen skinned and boned sardines pounded to a paste. Heat thoroughly, adding stock or water if needed. Put on a platter, shape into a mound, lay sardines on top and garnish with sliced hard-boiled eggs and lemon.
Toast strips of bread, lay a broiled sardine on each, and keep warm. Melt one tablespoonful of butter, add two tablespoonfuls of grated cheese, and gradually, as the cheese melts, the yolk of an egg beaten smooth with one fourth of a cupful of cream. When smooth and thick, season with salt and Tabasco Sauce; pour over the sardines and serve. Garnish with lemon and parsley.

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