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RELISH - Приправа
Uncooked Relish
Four quarts ripe tomatoes, chopped; two cups celery; two cups green peppers; one cup salt. Let stand over night and drain. In the morning add: three cups vinegar; two cups sugar; two tablespoons celery seed; one tablespoon cinnamon. Mix well and cover closely for five days when it will be ready for use.
Corn Relish
Two quarts of vinegar, two quarts of fresh corn, three red peppers, three green peppers, one pint of celery, two quarts of cabbage, one quart of cucumbers, one cup of sugar, three tablespoons of mustard, two tablespoons of salt, two small onions and two ripe tomatoes. Chop all vegetables very fine. Cook twenty minutes. Simmer and don't boil, then rapidly bring to boiling point and put in jars.

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