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PUDDING - Пудинг

Baked Puddings
Bread or rice puddings require moderate heat for baking; batter or custard require a quick oven. Eggs for puddings are beaten enough when a spoonful can be taken up clear from the strings. Souffles require a quick oven. These should be made so as to be done the moment for serving, otherwise they will fall in and flatten.

Home-Style Bread Pudding
2 Eggs, slightly beaten
2 1/4 Cup Milk
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
2 Cup 1-inch bread cubes
1/2 Cup Brown sugar
1/2 Cup Raisins or chopped dates
In medium mixing bowl, combine eggs with milk, vanilla, cinnamon, salt, bread, sugar, and raisins or dates. Pour into 1 1/2-qt. baking dish. Place metal trivet or rack in bottom of crockpot. Add 1/2 cup hot water. Set baking dish on trivet. Cover pot; cook on high for about 2 hours. Serve pudding warm or cool.

Bread Pudding Baked in Cups
To one and one-half cups scalded milk, add one and one-half tablespoonfuls corn starch dissolved in two tablespoonfuls milk and stir until thickened. Add yolks two eggs beaten with one-quarter cup sugar, few grains salt, one teaspoonful butter, and one-quarter cup seeded raisins. Pour mixture over one cup stale, fine bread crumbs divided equally in buttered custard cups. Stand in hot water, and bake in moderate oven until custard is set. Beat whites of two eggs very stiff, then add two tablespoonfuls powdered sugar and put a portion of the meringue over each cup. Bake until lightly browned, serve hot or cold.

Plum Pudding
One and one-half cups each grated bread, very finely chopped suet, raisins, seeded, currants, washed and picked, and coffee sugar, one-half cupful each of citron, milk and orange marmalade, four eggs, two cups of Sperry flour, one teaspoon each of baking powder, cinnamon, Cloves, and Nutmeg. Mix all these well together in large bowl, put in well-buttered mold, set in saucepan with boiling water to reach one-half up its sides; now steam three and a half hours; turn out carefully on dish, and serve with wine sauce.

Plum Pudding No. 2
One egg, half cup of sour milk, half cup molasses, half cup suet chopped fine, one cup seeded raisins, a large teaspoonful soda, Sperry flour to make a thick batter, half teaspoonful of all kinds of spices. Steam three hours.

Rice Pudding
One-half cup rice, one and one-half pints of milk, one-half cup sugar, large pinch salt, one tablespoon lemon rind chopped fine. Put rice, washed and picked, sugar, salt and milk in quart pudding dish; bake in moderate oven two hours, stirring frequently first one and one-half hours, then allow it to finish cooking with light-colored crust, disturbing it no more. Eat cold with cream.

Tennies Danish Pudding
Beat up six eggs and add one quart of hot milk. Melt two cups of brown sugar in an omelet pan. Be careful not to burn it. When melted spread around sides of pan, then pour the hot custard into this, place the whole in a pan of hot water and bake until custard is done (about one-half hour). Serve hot.

Blackberry Roll
Sift one pint of Sperry flour with one teaspoonful of baking powder; mix into this one tablespoonful of butter and one-fourth teaspoonful salt; add three-quarters of a cupful of milk and roll out one-third of an inch thick. Spread plentifully with any kind of berries, sift sugar over and roll. Bake one-half hour and serve hot with the following:
Sauce Cream together one-half cupful of sugar and one tablespoonful of butter; one cupful of mashed berries and one cupful of boiling milk. Wet one teaspoonful of corn-starch in enough milk to dissolve it and stir in slowly. Let boil three minutes and serve.

Farina Pudding
Five ounces farina stirred gradually and boiled in one quart of milk, then let it cool, separate the yolks and whites of five eggs, beat the whites to a stiff froth, and stir the yolks and sugar together, then stir all into the cool boiled farina, flavor and bake three-quarters of an hour; it will be light like a souffle if made in this manner.

Indian Pudding
Mix one cup of yellow corn meal, one cup of molasses, and one teaspoon of salt. Pour on one quart of boiling water, add one tablespoonful of butter, three pints of cold milk, and one cup of cold water, and two eggs. Bake in deep, well-buttered pudding dish holding at least three quarts. Bake very slowly seven or eight hours. Do not stir, but cover with a plate if it bakes too fast. A cup of currants may be used to give variety.

Custard Pudding
One and one-half pints of milk, four eggs, one cup of sugar, two teaspoons Vanilla, pinch of salt. Beat eggs and sugar together; dilute with milk and extract; pour into buttered pudding dish, set in oven in dipping-pan two-thirds full of boiling water; bake until firm, thirty-five to forty minutes in moderate oven.

Amber Pudding
Into a quart of boiling milk stir a teacupful of corn meal and one quart of sliced sweet apples ; add one teaspoonful salt and one teacupful of molasses. Mix thoroughly. Add two quarts of milk ; pour into a large, buttered dish and bake in a slow oven about four hours. When cold, a clear, amber-colored jelly will have formed througout the pudding and apples will be a rich dark brown.

Suet Pudding
One cupful of chopped suet, one teacupful of molasses, one cupful sweet milk, three and one-half cupfuls of Sperry flour, one cupful raisins, one cupful of curants, one teaspoonful of soda, a pinch of salt, one-half teaspoonful each of cinnamon, allspice, cloves. Steam two hours. Citron or lemon peel may be added if desired.

Snow Pudding
One ounce of gelatin; pour on it a pint and a half of boiling water; add two teacups of white sugar, the grated peel and juice of two lemons ; strain into a deep dish to cool; when it commences to jelly, add to it the whites of four well-beaten eggs, beat until the dish is full, put in molds and place in a cool place.

Cocoanut Pudding
Grate cocoanut, then stew it slowly in one quart of milk ; pour this on a half loaf of baker's bread ; when cool add one pound of sugar, and one-half pound of butter, beaten to a cream ; then add six eggs and bake.

Prune Pudding
One pound of prunes, one-half pound of walnuts or almonds, the whites of four eggs, one cupful of sugar, whipped cream ; flavor to taste. Stew prunes and when cold remove stones, then chop fine, also chop nuts and put in dish with sugar and well-beaten whites of eggs. Whip cream, flavor, and spread on top.

Queen Pudding
Two-thirds of a cup of butter, cup sugar, cup of Sperry flour, three eggs, one-half teaspoon baking powder, small glass of brandy. Rub to a smooth cream butter and eggs ; add eggs, one at a time, beating few minutes after each addition ; add flour sifted with powder, and brandy ; put into mold well buttered, set in saucepan with boiling water to reach one-half up its sides ; steam thus one and one-half hours ; turn out on dish carefully; serve with lemon sauce.

Corn Starch Pudding
Boil one quart of milk, then beat the yolks of four eggs, with four tablespoonfuls of corn starch and a little milk; stir into the boiling milk, let it boil up once and turn into a pudding dish ; then beat the whites of the eggs to a froth and add four spoonfuls of white powdered sugar; cover the pudding with the mixture, and set in the oven and brown lightly half an hour. Flavor with vanilla, lemon, etc.

Apple Tapioca Pudding
Pare and core enough apples to fill dish ; put into each apple bit of lemon peel. Soak one-half pint tapioca in one quart lukewarm water one hour, add a little salt;, flavor with lemon; pour over apples. Bake until apples are tender. Serve cold with cream and sugar.

Fig Pudding
One-quarter pound of figs, chopped fine, one-quarter pound of bread crumbs, one-quarter pound of brown sugar, one-quarter pound of suet, one-quarter pound of candied citron and lemon peel and five eggs. Mix thoroughly ; steam or boil four hours.

Lemon Pudding
Half a pound of sugar, half pound of butter, five eggs, half gill brandy, rind and juice of one lemon ; beat well the butter and sugar, whisk the eggs, add them to the lemon, grate the peel, line a dish with puff paste, and bake in a moderate oven.

Marmalade Pudding
Two cupfuls of fine stale bread crumbs, one cupful of rich milk, half cream preferred, the yolks of five eggs beaten very light, one-half teaspoonful of soda stirred in boiling water, one cupful of sweet marmalade. Scald the milk and pour over the crumbs. Beat until half cold and stir in the beaten yolks, then the soda. Fill pudding dish two-thirds full with the batter, set in a quick oven and bake one-half hour. When done turn out quickly and spread over the top a goodly spoonful of marmalade. Cover with the whites of the eggs beaten stiff and return to the oven to brown.

Tapioca Pudding
Cover three tablespoons tapioca with water; stand over night; add one quart milk, a small piece of butter, a little salt, and boil ; beat the yolks of three eggs with a cup of sugar, and boil the whole to a very thick custard, flavor with vanilla; when cold cover with whites of eggs beaten.

Sago Pudding
One quart of milk, four tablespoons sago boiled in the milk till soft; set dish in kettle of hot water, and let sago swell gradually. Beat up three eggs, and stir into cooked milk and sago; salt and sugar to taste. Then put in oven and bake very lightly. Serve with creamy sauce.

Chocolate Pudding
2 oz grated chocolate
2 oz butter of margarine
3 oz sugar
4 oz flour
½ oz baking powder
2 eggs, beaten
½ teaspoon vanilla essence
Melt the chocolate over boiling water. Butter a plain mould. Beat the butter and sugar to a cream. Stir in the flour and baking powder along with the eggs. Add the chocolate when cool. Lastly add the vanilla. Pour into the mould and steam for 2 hours.
(Source: School Dinners, by Linda Sonntag, Sidgwick & Jackson Limited, 1988)

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