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PIGEONS AND SQUABS - Голуби, большие и маленькие
Pigeons need long, slow cooking to make them tender. Squabs are tender and are usually broiled.
6 squabs
Salt and pepper
Split the birds down the back, flatten the breast, wipe inside and out with a damp cloth. Put on a broiler, season with pepper and salt, and when nicely browned, pour a generous amount of melted butter over them. Serve on toast.
3 pigeons
2 tablespoons mushroom catchup
1 tablespoon fat
1 pint stock or gravy
Salt and pepper
2 tablespoons cream
1/2 cup mushrooms
Clean and cut pigeons into small portions and let them cook a short time in the fat in a saucepan, being careful not to brown them. Next add to the contents of the pan the stock or gravy, the mushroom catchup, and salt, pepper and cayenne to taste. Simmer an hour, or until tender, add the mushrooms, simmer ten minutes more, and then stir in the cream. Arrange the mushrooms around the pigeons on a hot platter.
6 pigeons
Chopped parsley
3 slices bacon
Hot water or stock
Any simple stuffing
1/4 cup fat
1 diced carrot
l / 4 cup flour
1 diced onion
Buttered toast
Clean and dress pigeons, stuff, truss, and place them upright in a stew-pan on the slices of bacon. Add the carrot, onion, and a little parsley, and cover with boiling water or stock Cover the pot closely and let simmer from two to three hours, or until tender, adding boiling water or stock when necessary. Make a sauce of the fat and flour and two cups of the stock remaining in the pan.
Serve each pigeon on a thin piece of moistened toast, and pour gravy over all.
6 pigeons
Bread stuffing
Rich pie paste
Salt and pepper
3 hard-cooked eggs
Stuff each pigeon with bread stuffing. Loosen the joints with a knife, but do not cut them through. Simmer the birds in a stew-pan, with water enough to cover, until nearly tender, then season with salt and pepper. Make a medium thick gravy with flour, fat and liquor in which pigeons have cooked and let it cool. Line the sides of a greased pudding-dish with rich paste and cut the hard-cooked eggs in slices. Put successive layers of egg, pigeon and gravy into the dish until it is filled, put on a cover of paste and bake (at 450 F.) for one-half hour.
Pigeon Pie 2
Clean and truss three or four pigeons, rub outside with a mixture of pepper and salt; rub inside with a bit of butter, fill with a bread-and-butter stuffing, or mashed potatoes ; sew up the slit, butter the sides of a tin basin or pudding dish, and line (the sides only) with pie paste, rolled to quarter of an inch thickness ; lay the birds in ; for three large tame pigeons, cut quarter of a pound of sweet butter and put it over them, strew over a large teaspoonful of salt and a small teaspoonful of pepper, with finely cut parsley; dredge a large teaspoonful of Sperry wheat flour over ; put in water to nearly fill the pie ; lay skewers across the top, cover with a puff paste crust ; cut a slit in the middle, ornament the edge with leaves, braids, or shells of paste, and put in a moderately hot or quick oven for one hour ; when nearly done brush the top over with the yolk of an egg beaten with a little milk, and finish. The pigeons for this pie may be cut in two or more pieces, if preferred.
Any small birds may be done in this manner.
Roast Pigeon
Clean and truss two young pigeons, mince the liver, and mix with them two ounces of finely grated bread crumbs, two ounces of fresh butter, finely chopped onion, a teaspoonful shredded parsley, a little salt, pepper, nutmeg. Fill birds with this forcemeat, fasten a slice of fat bacon over the breast of each, and roast. Make a sauce by mixing a little water with the gravy which drops from the birds, and boiling it with a little thickening; season it with pepper, salt and chopped parsley.

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