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PEAR - Груша

No. 1.
3 pears
French dressing
Lettuce leaves
Strips of pimiento
After paring the fruit, cut in eighths lengthwise and remove seeds. Arrange on lettuce leaves and serve with French dressing made from oil and lemon-juice. Garnish with strips of pimiento. The dressing will prevent discoloration if it is poured over the pears at once.
No. 2.
6 pears
l / 2 cup broken walnut-meats
6 stalks celery and stoned olives, chopped
Lettuce leaves
Salt and pepper
Select well-formed pears and cut off a bit of the broad end so that the pear will stand steadily on the plate. With a potato-ball cutter remove the center, leaving enough of the pear to make a thick cup. Cut the celery into dice, add broken walnut-meats and chopped olives and mix all together with mayonnaise, adding a pinch of salt and pepper. Fill the pear cups and serve on lettuce leaves.
6 halves of stewed pears, fresh or canned
36 white cherries
Boiled dressing or mayonnaise
Lettuce leaves
Place the half pears on crisp lettuce leaves. Stone the cherries and arrange them around the pears. Serve with preferred dressing.
Frost the curved surface of one-half pear with cream cheese, stud with one-half grapes and garnish with chicory and watercress, or other attractive greens.
Pear Salad
Six halves of pears ; one-half cup of cottage cheese; one tablespoon of chopped pimento; one tablespoon of chopped green pepper; six halves of walnuts; one-eighth teaspoon of paprika; six tablespoons of salad dressing and six pieces of lettuce. Arrange the pears on the lettuce leaves. Mix the cheese, pimento, green pepper and paprika thoroughly. Fill the half of the pear with the mixture. Place salad dressing over it and lay one nut meat over each portion.

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