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Clams lobster is usually a mottled dark green. Boiling makes the shells of all lobsters turn bright red.
Uncooked lobsters should be alive when purchased. In buying a boiled lobster, straighten its tail; if it springs back into place, the lobster was alive, as it should have been, when boiled.
To Boil and Dress a Lobster
Plunge the live lobster into boiling water, head downward. Add one tablespoon of salt, cover the kettle and keep it boiling. A medium-sized lobster will cook in about twenty minutes. Plunge it into cold water when done and when cool enough to handle, take the meat from the shell in the following order: Chop off the claws. Split the body lengthwise, remove and throw away the stomach, a small sac just back of the head. Running from the stomach to the base of the tail is the intestinal canal. If this does not pull out with the stomach, it must be lifted out with a fork, in pieces, if necessary, and removed entirely.
Crack the claws and remove the meat. If the lobster is not to be served whole, take out the meat from the body, the creamy green fat which constitutes the liver, and the coral or spawn found in female lobsters. The spongy particles between the meat and shell are not used.
In cutting up the meat of cooked lobster, always use a silver knife or one of stainless steel, if possible, as an ordinary steel knife discolors or darkens the meat.
This is simply cold boiled lobster, served in the shell, a spoonful of mayonnaise, colored red with the coral of the lobster, being laid on top of the lobster meat and the whole served in a bed of lettuce leaves. Canned lobster meat also makes a very nice dish served with lettuce and mayonnaise.
l l/4 cups crab or lobster meat
l/4 cup French dressing or mayonnaise
Butter thin slices of whole-wheat bread. Cover half of them thickly with flaked boiled crab meat or diced lobster meat and add a teaspoon of French dressing or mayonnaise. Cover with the other buttered slices of bread and cut into fancy shapes.
1 medium-sized lobster
1 cup cold water
1 quart milk
Red pepper
4 tablespoons butter
Salt and pepper
4 tablespoons flour
Make a white sauce of the milk, flour, and butter. Remove meat from freshly boiled lobster. Reserve the coral and the green fat. Put the cold water into a kettle and add the broken claws and shell and the finely chopped tail meat. Bring to the simmering-point and simmer for twenty minutes. Drain, and stir into the white sauce. Add the remainder of the lobster meat, cut in dice. Season with salt, pepper, and cayenne. Just before serving, add the coral mashed to a paste with the green fat. Mix thoroughly, reheat, and serve with croutons.
l/2 cup fresh or canned lobster meat
l/4 teaspoon curry powder
1 teaspoon sherry wine
2 tablespoons butter
1/8 teaspoon dry mustard
Saute the lobster in the melted fat. Add the seasonings and the wine. When very hot serve on small bread croustades or packaged appetizer shells.
l / 2 lb. butter
3 cups lobster meat (3 r /2 lb. live lobster)
1 cup Madeira wine
2 cups whipping cream
Salt and cayenne to taste
1 small can truffles
Cut the lobster in small pieces. Chop the truffles fine. Heat both the above in melted butter till very hot. Add the wine. When hot add the cream and seasoning and let them blend for several minutes. Cook over hot water, as a high temperature will curdle the cream-wine mixture.
1 lobster
Melted butter
Salt and pepper
Kill lobster by inserting a sharp knife in its back between the body and tail shells, severing the spinal cord. Split lengthwise, remove the stomach and intestinal canal, crack the large claws and lay the fish as flat as possible. Brush the meat with fat; season with salt and pepper, place in a broiler, with the shell side down, and broil slowly until of a delicate brown. Twenty minutes is usually long enough. Turn the broiler and broil for ten minutes longer. Serve hot, with melted butter.
Prepare as for broiling. Lay the lobster in a baking-pan, shell side down, season with salt, pepper and butter. Bake about forty minutes in a hot oven (400 F.), basting it twice with melted butter.
2 lobsters
1 tablespoon parsley
1 cup milk
Salt and pepper
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon flour
3 egg-yolks, hard cooked
2 tablespoons bread-crumbs
Boil the lobsters and cut the meat into small pieces. In opening the lobsters be careful not to break the body or tail shells. Make a white sauce with the milk, butter and flour. Remove from the fire and add the crumbs, parsley, lobster, salt and pepper, a grating of nutmeg and the yolks of the eggs mashed very fine. Mix all well together. Wash the shells and wipe them dry, and with a pair of scissors cut off the under part of the tail shells. Join the large ends of both tail shells to one body shell, to form a boat-shaped receptacle. Put the lobster mixture into this boat, brush over the top with beaten egg, sprinkle lightly with bread-crumbs, and bake in a moderate oven (350- 400 F.) fifteen to thirty minutes.
2 tablespoons butter or other fat
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
2 tablespoons flour
2 cups boiled or canned lobster, salmon or tuna
1 cup milk
Make a white sauce with the fat, flour and milk. Add sea-food cut into small pieces and the salt and pepper. Some cooks add a teaspoon of curry-powder.
Lobster Stew
Cut a lobster into small pieces, cook slowly in fresh butter, adding a cup of cream sauce. Pour in some Worcestershire sauce, and a little curry-powder. Salt and pepper and serve on slices of thin, crisp, buttered toast.
Boiled Lobster
Take a live lobster, wash thoroughly .and put into kettle of boiling water, slightly salted, having first cleaned and tied the claws together. Keep the water boiling for thirty minutes. When done take out, lay on its claws to drain, and wipe dry. Rub the shell with a little salad-oil, which will give it a clear red color. Do not boil a lobster too long or the meat will be stringy.
Lobster Newburg
Season one pint diced lobster with half teaspoon salt, dash cayenne, pinch nutmeg. Put in sauce-pan with two tablespoons butter; heat slowly. Add two tablespoons sherry ; cook six minutes ; add one-half cup cream beaten with yolks two eggs, stir till thickened. Take quickly from fire.
Lobster Salad
Cut the lobster into small squares and season with two tablespoonfuls of vinegar, 2 of oil, 1 teaspoonful of salt and pepper and let it stand in a cool place for an hour. When ready to serve line the salad bowl with crisp lettuce leaves, and after mixing the lobster thoroughly with mayonnaise place it on the lettuce. Serve with toasted crackers and cheese.
Lobster, American Style.
Procure two good sized freshly boiled lobsters and split them, removing all of the meat very carefully, and cut it up into pieces about an inch in length; and have in readiness a pan on top of a range half full of good olive oil, and when the oil has become very hot add pieces of the lobster. Chop very fine one peeled onion, one green pepper, and half a peeled clove, some sound garlic, place it with the lobster and cook for five minutes, stirring all the time; season with a pinch of salt and half a saltspoonful of red pepper, to which add half a wineglassful of white wine. After two minutes' reduction add one gill of tomato sauce and a medium sized peeled tomato, cut into small dice. Continue cooking for ten minutes, gently stirring the while, then pour the whole into a hot dish or tureen and serve.
Baked Lobsters.
Place a live lobster in boiling fish broth; when it is cooked, drain and split it in half lengthwise, pick the meat out of the tail and claws, cut it in small pieces, and mix in an equal quantity of mushrooms, also cut in dice. Place the coral of the lobster in a mortar with a little butter, pound, and pass it through a fine hair sieve. Put a few tablespoonfuls of bechamel sauce in a stewpan with a little cream and melted glaze, stir over the fire until it is well reduced, then mix with it the pieces of lobster and mushrooms, sprinkle in a little cayenne, and add the pounded coral. Clean the two shells of the lobster, fill them with the preparation, sprinkle bread crumbs on the top, pour a little warmed butter over each, and brown in the oven. Place a folded napkin on a dish, lay the shells on it, and serve at once.
Boiled Lobster.
Place some water on the fire, and when it is boiling fast put the lobster in, head first, so that it may be killed at once. Place the lid on and let the lobster boil for half an hour. Take it out and leave it until well drained, then wipe off the scum and rub it over with a little piece of butter tied in a cloth.
Lobster Bordelaise.
Cut some live lobsters into eight pieces, crack the claws without spoiling the shape, put them in a saucepan and cover with white wine, a little garlic, two bay leaves, a small bunch of parsley and thyme, and a little pepper and salt ; place the lid on the saucepan and let the mixture boil for twenty-five minutes, stirring often to prevent burning. When they are cooked take each piece of lobster out, dry in a cloth, and replace them in a clean saucepan. Fry a few slices of onions and shallots in butter, and when they are browned stir in a little flour, cook it, then pour in some of the liquor in which the pieces of lobster were cooked. Stir over the fire for ten minutes, then mix in a teacupful of tomato sauce, a pinch of cayenne, the pieces of lobster, and warm them again. Arrange the lobster on a hot dish in such a way that they will not have the appearance of being cut, put the claws around, pour over the sauce and serve.
Broiled Lobster.
Take a live lobster, and after it has been boiled split it lengthwise, and pick out all the uneatable parts ; open it flat, place two small pieces of butter on it, and dust over with pepper ; place the halves of the lobster, just as they were in their shells, on a gridiron, and heat slowly over a fire. When done put them with their shells on a hot dish, garnish with parsley and serve.
Broiled Lobster Ravigote.
Cut three small raw lobsters each into two equal parts, taking out the gravel from the head, season with salt and pepper, rub with a little oil and broil the pieces for ten minutes. Remove them from the fire, take the meat from the heads of the lobsters, put them in a salad bowl with half a pint of ravigote butter and mix them well together; take the rest of the meat from the lobster, dip it in the sauce and return it to the shell; then replace and warm it again for a few minutes in the oven and serve on a folded napkin, garnish the shells with parsley and serve the sauce in a boat.
Buttered Lobster.
Pick out all the meat of a lobster and mince it finely, mix it with the coral and green inside, two tablespoonfuls of vinegar, a quarter of a pound of fresh butter and one saltspoonful each of cayenne and made mustard; place this in a stewpan with the chopped meat over the fire till thoroughly hot. Cut in quarters some lettuce, arrange them on a dish, pour in'the hot lobster, put some quarters of hard boiled eggs on the top and serve at once.
Lobster Cream.
Pick the meat from a boiled lobster and chop it small; place it in a saucepan, season to taste with salt and pepper and a small quantity of grated nutmeg; moisten with half a tablespoonful of vinegar and one teaspoonful of sherry, stir it over the fire until hot, then dredge lightly with flour and add two ounces of butter and a teacupful of cream. Stir the mixture while it is boiling and let it cook for ten minutes. Wash the body shell of the lobster and dry well, then pour the mixture into. it. Place the lobster on a fancy dish and serve it while very hot.
Lobster Croquettes.
Carefully pick the meat from a lobster, mince finely, and mix it with one heaped teaspoonful of finely grated breadcrumbs, two tablespoonfuls of thick cream, the strained juice of one lemon, one teaspoonful of anchovy sauce, a little grated nutmeg, pepper and salt, and stir over the fire until it is very hot. Then take it off, mix in the beaten yolk of one egg and leave until cold. Shape the lobster preparation into little balls, brush over with beaten eggs, plunge them into boiling fat and fry. When they are cooked, drain and arrange them on a hot dish, garnish with fried parsley and serve.
Curried Lobster.
Take the meat from some small lobsters and place it in a saucepan with one teacupful each of gravy and cream, and half a blade of mace. Mix two teaspoonfuls of curry powder with one teaspoonful of flour, and one ounce of butter, put in with the lobster and simmer at the side of the fire for an hour. After it is done add some lemon juice and a little salt. Turn it on to a hot dish and serve.
Lobster Cutlets.
Take out the meat from a large hen lobster or two small ones, place it in a mortar with some of its coral, and pound, mixing with it a little powdered mace, grated nutmeg, salt, pepper, and cayenne ; beat the yolks of two eggs and the white of one together with a teaspoonful of anchovy sauce ; then mix them with the above ingredients. Roll out, sprinkle a little flour over, and form it into the cutlets ; dip a paste brush in beaten eggs, brush the cutlets over, roll them in breadcrumbs, and fry in boiling butter. Put one pint of melted butter in a saucepan with the coral and a teaspoonful of anchovy sauce, and make it hot. When the cutlets .are browned, drain, arrange them in a circle on a hot dish, pour the sauce in the center and serve.
Deviled Lobster.
Put three minced shallots in a stewpan with two ounces of butter and the brown meat of the crab; fry until the shallots are lightly browned, then pour in half a pint of milk, add half a tablespoonful of chutney, and season with salt, pepper and a small quantity of cayenne. Stir the whole over the fire until it- is thick, then put in the lobster chopped. Have a metal table shell, fill it with the lobster mixture, strew a layer of grated breadcrumbs over the top, baste with three tablespoonfuls of warmed butter and brown in the oven. When done place the shell in the middle of the dish and garnish with parsley.
Lobster Fricassee.
Partially boil some lobsters. Pick the meat out of the claws and tails and cut them into small pieces, put it into a saucepan with two breakfast cupfuls of bechame. sauce and let the contents stew gently for several minutes. Strain the juice of half a lemon into the fricassee, turn it on to a hot dish and serve at once.
Fried Lobster.
Take the meat out of the tails and claws of a lobster and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Dip a paste-brush in beaten egg, and brush the meat with it, then roll it in breadcrumbs, and after they have dried on it repeat the operation. Place it in a frying basket, plunge it in boiling fat and fry until it is brown. Drain and place the lobster on a hot dish and serve with a sauceboat of tartar sauce.
Lobster Fritters.
Chop the meat of a lobster and a few skinned prawns, put them in a stewpan with a lump of butter and place on the fire until they are hot. Roll out some good paste, cut it into rounds with a cutter, place them in a flat stewpan with boiling lard, and fry until they are nicely browned ; drain, pile some of the lobster mixture on each, arrange them- on a hot dish, garnish with parsley and serve.
Lobsters in Casserole.
Cut the tails of some boiled lobster into scallops, and place them in a circle in a silver casserole. Fry some chopped shallots in a little butter for a few minutes, then pour in a little sherry wine and finish cooking. When they are done pour over the shallots some Spanish sauce and tomato puree, mixed in equal quantity, stir and boil for five minutes, and dust in a little cayenne pepper. Cut the meats of the lobster claws in small dices, put in the center of the casserole, pour over the sauce, stand the casserole in the oven for ten minutes to warm the lobster and serve.
Lobster in Shells.
Cut an equal quantity of lobster meat and mushrooms into dice. Boil some veloute sauce, together with some essence of mushrooms till properly reduced. Then thicken it with fresh butter and lobster butter in equal proportions, and mix in the lobster and mushrooms. Fill some table shells with the preparation, sprinkle breadcrumbs over the top, pour over a little warmed butter, and bake in a hot oven until browned. Place the shells on a hot dish and serve.
Lobster, Newburg.
Pick all the meat from the shells of two good sized freshly boiled lobsters, and cut it into one-inch pieces, which place in a saucepan over a hot range together with one ounce of fresh butter, season with a pinch of salt and half a saltspoonful of red pepper, two medium-sized truffles, cut into dice-shaped pieces, after cooking for five minutes add a wineglassful of Madeira wine; reduce one-half, say about three to four minutes, then have in readiness three egg yolks in a bowl with half a pint ot sweet cream, and beat well together, adding this to the lobster, gently stir for two minutes longer until it becomes thick, pour into a hot tureen and serve.
Lobster on Skewers.
Take a freshly boiled lobster, cut it into squares, lay them in a bowl to season, with salt, a pinch of pepper, half a pinch of nutmeg, and a tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce; mix these ingredients well together. Have six skewers and arrange on them first a piece of lobster, then a mushroom, another piece of lobster, then another piece of mushroom, and so on. Lay them on the broiler and broil for eight minutes. Take them off, dress on a hot dish on six slices of broiled bacon, pour over a gill of maitre d'hotel butter, and serve while they are very hot.
Lobster Patties.
Take the flesh from the shell of a boiled lobster, cut it into small pieces, and put them into a saucepan with some lobster sauce. Prepare some puff paste, give it six turns, then roll it out flat on a floured table. With a fluted cutter cut out some rounds, place them on a baking dish, lay them on ice for ten minutes, then brush them over with a paste brush dipped in beaten egg. With a plain tin cutter cut through a third of the thickness of the paste, dipping the cutter in warm water every time; this will form the cover when baked. Place the patties in a quick oven and bake them. When they are cooked lift off the inner circle of the patties, scoop out a little of the soft paste inside, and smooth over the surface. Have the lobster warmed, turn it into the patties, and put on the covers. Arrange them on a fancy dish, and serve while they are very hot.
Lobster Rissoles.
Make a batter of flour, eggs and milk, allow to each egg one teaspoonful of flour and two tablespoonfuls of milk. Pound the coral of a boiled lobster with the yolks of two hard boiled eggs until smooth ; chop the meat of the lobster up fine, season with pepper, a little pounded mace and salt, and mix with it the pounded coral and egg. When the batter is well beaten and smooth, mix the lobster into it until stiff enough to make into rolls. Fry them in salad-oil and serve either hot or cold on a folded napkin. If served cold, garnish with fresh parsley, if hot, with fried parsley.
Scalloped Lobster.
Select a nice fresh hen lobster and pick out all the flesh ; place the spawn in a mortar with two ounces of butter and pound until smooth, then pass it through a fine hair sieve. Mince the flesh of the lobster, and season with pepper, salt and a moderate quantity of spice and a little cayenne pepper. Put the mince into a stewpan with one-half tablespoonful of finely chopped parsley, the strained juice of a lemon, a small lump of butter and two or three tablespoonfuls of thick cream. Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon over the fire until very hot, then stir in the pounded spawn. Fill some scallop shells with the mixture, levelling it smoothly over the top, sprinkle over plenty of grated breadcrumbs and put a few small pieces of butter on them. Place the scalloped lobster in the oven and bake until nicely browned. Serve on a folded napkin.
Stewed Lobsters.
Remove the claws from four or five freshly boiled lobsters and split them in two lengthwise ; pick the meat from the tails to trim it and arrange the pieces in a circle on a hot dish, placing the claws in the center. Put one-fourth pint of melted meat glaze in a small saucepan with two tablespoonfuls of sherry wine ; boil, and then move the saucepan to the side of the fire. Mix three tablespoonfuls of breadcrumbs with six tablespoonfuls of butter, a little chopped parsley and a little cayenne. Add this gradually to the meat glaze mixture so as to thicken it ; mix with this the creamy part that is taken from the body of the lobster, pounded, passed through a sieve and worked up with two tablespoonfuls of vinegar. Pour this sauce over the lobster and serve at once.
Stewed Lobster Bordelaise.
Add to one wineglassful of red wine in a stewpan one chopped shallot and half of a small carrot, cut into exceedingly small pieces. Boil for five minutes, put in the meat from two boiled lobsters, cut into pieces, which should weigh about one and one-half pounds, one pinch of salt, one-third pinch of pepper, and a very little nutmeg, and finally one-half pint of veloute sauce. Stew well together for five minutes and serve very hot.
Lobster Vol-au-Vent.
Rub together four tablespoonfuls of butter and one and one-half tablespoonfuls of flour. Pour on this by degrees one pint of boiling white stock, boil up, and add the juice of half a lemon, a little salt, a few grains of cayenne, the yolks of two eggs beaten in a little cold water, and the meat of two small lobsters cut into dice. Stir over the fire for one minute, fill a vol-au-vent case, place the cover on and serve.

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