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GOOSE - Гусь

Roast Goose
Get a goose that is not more than eight months old, and the fatter it is the more juicy the meat. The dressing should be made of three pints of bread crumbs, six ounces of butter, a teaspoonful each of sage, black pepper and salt and chopped onions. Don't stuff very full, but sew very closely so that the fat will not get in. Place in a baking pan with a little water, and baste often with a little salt, water and vinegar. Turn the goose frequently so that it may be evenly browned. Bake about 2 1/2 hours. When done, take it from the pan, drain off the fat and add the chopped giblets, which have previously been boiled tender, together with the water in which they were done. Thicken with Sperry flour and butter rubbed together ; let boil, and serve.

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