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CAKE - Кекс. Торт

German Coffee Cake
Scald and cool to lukewarm half a pint of milk; add one heaping tablespoon of butter and two of sugar, a quarter of a yeast cake dissolved in a little warm water, a speck of salt, and Sperry flour enough to make a soft bread dough. Let rise over night ; knead in the morning early. Let it rise in a flat buttered tin. Rub butter over the top; sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and bake for twenty to thirty minutes. Cut in squares and serve hot, with coffee.

To Make Icing for Cakes
Beat the whites of two small eggs to a froth, then add to them a quarter of a pound of white sugar, ground fine like flour flavor with lemon extract or vanilla, beat it until it is light and very white, but not quite so stiff as kiss mixture ; the longer it is beaten the more firm it will become. No more sugar must be added to make it so. Beat the frosting until it may be spread smoothly on the cake. This quantity will ice quite a large cake over the top and sides.

Marble Cake
White Parts: Whites of seven eggs, three cups white sugar, one of butter, one of sour milk, four cups of Sperry flour, sifted and heaping, one teaspoon soda; flavor to taste.
Dark Parts: Yolks of seven eggs, three cups of brown sugar, one of butter, one of sour milk, four of Sperry flour, sifted and heaping, one tablespoon each of cinnamon, allspice and cloves, one teaspoon soda; put in pans a spoonful of white part and then a spoonful of dark part, and so' on. Bake an hour and a quarter. This will make one large and one medium cake. The white and dark parts are alternated, either putting in a spoonful of white then a dark or a layer of white and then of dark part, being careful that the cake may be nicely "marbleized."

Chocolate Layer Cake
Grate one cake of unsweetened chocolate, add four tablespoonfuls Sperry flour, two teaspoonfuls baking powder, one cupful of sugar, five eggs beaten with the sugar. Beat all fifteen minutes and bake in layers.
Filling One cupful of milk, one heaping teaspoonful of corn starch, mixed smooth in milk. Beat 3 eggs separately, add yolks to cup of milk, add 2 teaspoonfuls of vanilla extract. When warm, add butter the size of a hickory nut and one-half cupful of sugar. Stir in the beaten whites when cool.

Fig Cake
Two cups of sugar, one of butter, one of cold water, dissolve one teaspoonful of soda ; three cups of raisins, chopped fine, cinnamon and nutmeg, four eggs, one pound of figs; use the figs whole, covering them well with the cake to prevent burning. Bake in layers, frosting between each layer. Make as stiff as pound cake. Cut with very sharp knife to prevent crumbling. This makes two loaves.

Marshmallow Cake
Half cup of butter, one and one-half cups of sugar, one-half cup of milk, whites of five eggs, one-half teaspoonful vanilla, two cups of Sperry flour, two teaspoonfuls of baking powder. Beat butter to a cream and gradually beat into it the sugar and vanilla, add milk and the stiffly beaten whites of the eggs, then the flour and baking powder sifted together. Bake in three layers.
Filling Boil one and one-half cups sugar with three-quarters cup of water till it threads. Just before taking off the fire put in half a pound of marshmallows (cut in bits- to melt easily). Pour this mixture in the beaten whites of two eggs and beat until cold enough to spread. By using the pink marshmallows it makes a very pretty cake.

Molasses Cake
One cup butter, one of brown sugar, one-half of molasses, one of milk, one and one-half pints Sperry flour, one and one-half teaspoonfuls baking powder, one egg. Rub smooth the butter and sugar; add the milk, egg and molasses ; stir in flour, sifted with the powder ; mix into a consistent batter, and bake in cake tin forty minutes.

French Loaf Cake
Two cups of white sugar, one scant cup butter, one cup of sweet milk, three heaping cups of Sperry flour, three eggs, two teaspoonfuls soda and cream of tartar all together, beat to a froth ; add milk, beating well, flavor with lemon extract, add the flour gradually, pour into a cake tin lined with buttered paper, sprinkle a little powdered sugar over the cake before baking. It is well to cover it when first putting in the oven, in order not to harden the top too soon.

Fruit Cake
One pound Sperry flour, one pound sugar, one pound butter, two pounds of currants, one pound raisins, one-half pound citron, one ounce
mace, one ounce cinnamon, four nutmegs, one ounce cloves, eight eggs, wine glass brandy, one-half ounce extract rose.

Orange Cake
One cup white sugar, one small half cup butter, two cups Sperry flour, one-half cup water, five eggs and two teaspoonfuls of Baking Powder, juice and rind of one orange; bake like jelly cake; frost each layer; make frosting of the remaining white.

Chocolate Cake
Six sticks of chocolate, one and one-half cups of sugar, five eggs, one cup of milk, two cups of Sperry flour, one-half cup each citron and almond chopped fine; teaspoon each of vanilla extract, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, 2 teaspoons baking powder ; cream the butter and sugar, beat the whites and yolks of eggs separately ; add the well beaten yolks to the cream butter and sugar; then add the milk and some of the flour; stir well and add the whites of the eggs, then the remainder of the flour, in which the baking powder has been sifted ; add citron, blanched almonds, spice and flavoring last. Bake in a moderate oven and not less than one hour. An excellent loaf cake and, like fruit cake, improves with age.

Cocoanut Pound Cake
Beat one-half pound of butter to a cream, add gradually a pound of Sperry flour, one pound of powdered sugar, two teaspoonfuls of Baking Powder, a pinch of salt, a teaspoonful of grated lemon-peel, quarter of a pound of prepared cocoanut, four well-beaten eggs, and a cupful of milk ; mix thoroughly ; butter the tins, and line them with butter paper. Pour the mixture in to the depth of an inch and a half, and bake in a good oven. When baked take out, spread icing over them and return the cake to the oven a moment to dry the icing.

Seed Cake
Two cups of Sperry flour, one-half cup of sugar, one-half cup of butter or clarified drippings, one teaspoonful baking powder, one egg, about two-thirds of a cupful of milk, one teaspoonful of caraway seeds and a pinch of salt. Stir together the flour, salt and baking powder, rub in the butter lightly, then add the sugar and seeds. Beat the egg light and add it with the milk. Bake one hour in a steady oven.

Cocoanut Cream Cake
Take one and one-half cupfuls of sugar, one teacup of rich, sour cream, two eggs, (well beaten), any kind of flavoring and lastly add one teaspoonful soda sifted into two cupfuls of Sperry flour. Beat the whole well, bake in layers in moderately hot oven.
Filling Take the heavy sweet cream from one pan of milk and beat until stiff; add a little sugar and beat again; spread between the layers and on top. Over the sweetened cream sprinkle fresh grated cocoanut.

Jelly Cake
Beat three eggs well, the whites and yolks separately ; take a cup of fine white sugar and beat that in well with the yolks, and a cupful of sifted Sperry flour; then stir in the whites slowly, one teaspoonful of baking powder and one tablespoonful of milk, pour in three jelly plates and bake from five to ten minutes in a well heated oven, and when cold spread with currant jelly, and place each layer on top of the other and sift powdered sugar on the top.

Nut Cake
One-half cup butter, one and one-half cups sugar, three eggs, two and one-half cups of Sperry flour, 1 l / 2 teaspoons baking powder, one-half cup milk, one cup of any meats of nuts preferred conveniently at hand. Rub the butter and sugar to a light, white cream ; add the eggs, beaten a little, then the flour, sifted with the powder; mix the milk and nuts into a rather firm batter, and bake in a paper-lined tin, in a steady oven, thirty-five minutes.

Exposition Cake
One cupful of sugar, one-half of butter, one-half of milk, one and one-half cupfuls Sperry flour, 3 eggs well beaten, 1 teaspoonful Baking Powder. Bring to a boil ; six large tablespoonfuls of chocolate, three level teaspoonfuls of white sugar, two level teaspoonfuls of milk. Let cool and add to cake part. Bake in two layers; put together with marshmallow icing, to which has been added chopped walnuts.

Sponge Cake
One pound sugar, one Sperry flour, ten eggs. Stir yolks of eggs and sugar till perfectly light; beat whites of eggs and add them with the flour after beating together lightly; flavor with lemon extract. Three teaspoons baking powder in the flour will add to its lightness, but it never fails without. Bake in a moderate oven.

Lemon Cake
Two scant cupfuls of sugar, one-half of a cupful of butter, three eggs, two and one-half cups of Sperry flour, one cup of milk, two rounding teaspoonfuls of baking powder, grated rind of lemon and one-half teaspoonful of salt. Beat the butter with half the sugar, then add gradually the remainder of sugar, with the well-beaten eggs ; put in the grated lemon rind, being careful not to use any of the white pith. Lastly stir in the flour with which the baking powder and salt have been sifted, alternately with the milk. Bake about forty minutes in a moderate oven and cover with lemon frosting.

Coffee Cake
Two cups brown sugar, one of butter, one of molasses, one of strong coffee as prepared for the table, four eggs, one teaspoon saleratus, two of cinnamon, two of cloves, one of grated nutmeg, pound raisins, one of currants, four cups of Sperry flour.

Hygienic Cake
Three eggs, one cup sugar, one cup Sperry flour, two tablespoons hot water. Beat twenty miutes without stopping, and bake three-quarters of an hour in slow oven. This recipe makes a small cake. Nuts can be added if desired.

Apple Sauce Cake
One cup of sugar, one of chopped raisins, one-half of butter, two of Sperry flour, one of sour apple sauce, one teaspoonful soda, half a teaspoonful each ground cloves, cinnamon and allspice, pinch salt, half a cup chopped walnuts. Cream sugar and butter together, put the soda in the apple sauce, then add to sugar, stir well together, then the flour and spices, raisins and nuts last. Bake in slow oven one hour and ten minutes.

Gold Cake
Beat well the yolks of eight eggs, one cupful of granulated sugar, one- quarter of a cupful of butter, one-half cupful of sweet milk, one and one-butter and sugar together. Beat the yolks thoroughly, then stir in the butter and sugar ; add the milk, then the Sperry flour, and stir hard. Bake in a cake mold about forty minutes.

German Fruit Cake
One and one-half cups of Sperry flour, one teaspoon butter, rubbed together; pinch of salt, one teaspoonful baking powder, milk to make batter thin enough to spread (a little thicker than cake). Put in a layer of fresh fruit all over the top and sprinkle with sugar.

Angel Cake
Whites of nine large eggs, a heaping cup sugar, a cup Sperry flour, sifted five times, one teaspoonful of baking powder, a dash of salt, one-half teaspoonful each of lemon and vanilla extract. Separate the eggs add salt and baking powder to the whites and beat till stiff; add sugar and flavoring, beat thoroughly, then carefully turn in the flour. Bake in a moderate oven fifty minutes.

Chocolate Squares
Beat three eggs in one cup of sugar, one teaspoonful each of all-Sperry flour with one teaspoonful baking powder and lastly a good supply of chopped nuts and raisins and two tablespoons of whiskey. Mix thoroughly and bake in a large pan half inch thick in moderate oven. Frost with following frosting : Half cup of powdered sugar and one tablespoon of boiling water, mix until smooth and put on cake. Cut in squares when cool, but not cold.

Dried Apple Fruit Cake
One pint of dried apples, soaked over night, then chopped fine; let them simmer in one cup of molasses a little while ; add four eggs, two cups sugar, one cup buttermilk, one cup shortening, one tablespoonful soda, one tablespoonful cinnamon, one tablespoonful allspice, one table-spoonful cloves.

Prune Cake
One cup sugar, half cup butter; cream butter and sugar, add three eggs beaten, use white of one for icing. Then add cup of milk, one and one-half cups of Sperry flour with two teaspoonfuls baking powder and a good pinch of salt sifted three times. Add above alternately. Stone a good-sized cup of stewed prunes and add half a cup of seeded raisins, one-fourth teaspoonful each of cloves and allspices, also half a teaspoonful of cinnamon and nutmeg. Bake in layers and use white icing.

Devil Cake with Marshmallow Filling.
Custard Part 1 cup of chocolate, 1 cup of brown sugar, half cup of milk, yolk of 1 egg, 1 teaspoonful of vanilla. Mix all together and set away to cool.
Cake Part 1 cup of brown sugar, 2 cups of flour, half cup of butter, half cup of sweet milk, 2 eggs. Mix the cake part, stir in the custard and add one teaspoonful of soda.
Filling 2 cups of white sugar, 10 tablespoonfuls of hot water, quarter teaspoonful of cream of tartar. Boil until it threads ; add 32 marshmallows and let come to a boil ; then stir in the beaten whites of 3 eggs, and when cool add a cupful of chopped nuts and beat until cold.

Danish Apple Cake
Take twelve large, juicy apples, pare ana core as for pie. Mix three cups fine bread crumbs, a little sugar and cinnamon. Grease a deep cake mold, sprinkle with crumbs a little thicker at the bottom then a layer of crumbs, put a little bit of butter over crumbs, then apples, and so forth until all is used. Bake in a moderate oven two hours. When cold serve with whipped cream.

Devil Cake
For the custard part: One cup of grated chocolate, one cup of brown sugar, a half cup of sweet milk, yolk of one egg and a teaspoon-ful of vanilla. Stir all together in a granite saucepan; cook slowly and set away to cool.
For the cake part : One cup brown sugar, two cups Sperry flour, a half cup of butter, half cup of sweet milk and two eggs. Cream the butter, sugar and yolks of eggs, add milk, sifted flour and whites of eggs,
beaten stiff; beat all together, then stir in the custard, lastly adding one teaspoonful soda, dissolved in a very little warm water. Bake in jelly tins.
The Filling: Two cups of sugar, ten tablespoonfuls of hot water, one-half teaspoonful of cream tartar; boil until thick. Put in thirty- two marshmallows ; boil up again, then stir in the beaten whites of three eggs ; when almost cool stir in one cupful of chopped walnuts, beat until cold, then spread between layers an inch deep. This is delicious and will keep indefinitely.

Cocoanut Sponge Cake
One teacupful of granulated sugar, two teacupfuls of Sperry flour, a tiny pinch of salt, two ounces of butter, three eggs, a large teaspoonful of baking powder, a little dessicated cocoanut and jam.
Whisk the eggs to a cream in a large basin. Cream the butter and add it to the eggs, also the sugar and salt and whisk for five minutes; then gradually stir in the flour and lastly the baking powder.
Grease two cake tins, put in each a thin layer of the mixture and bake for fifteen minutes in a moderate oven. When the cakes are nicely set remove from the oven and take out of tins and place on a sieve to cool.
Spread with jam and press together and scatter cocoanut over the top; then cut up into fingers, diamond shapes, etc.

Pound Cake
Take one pound and fourteen ounces of powdered sugar, one pound and two ounces of butter, twelve eggs and 1J^ pints milk, three-quarters ounce of baking powder, three and one-half pounds of Sperry flour (sifted) ; beat the eggs to a froth, rub sugar, butter and eggs together; then let stand till stiff and beat in milk, and, last of all, the flour.

Lady Fingers
Two eggs, one cup sugar, one-half cup butter beaten to a cream, four tablespoons baking powder; enough Sperry flour to stir with a spoon ; lemon to flavor. For your molding board take a little piece of dough, roll with your hands as large as your finger, cut off in four-inch lengths and put closely on buttered tins. Quick oven.

Burnt Sugar Cake
Take one cup of granulated sugar, place in a skillet and let it melt. Then pour in boiling water and stir until it is a thick syrup. Now 1 cup sugar, 1 of good rich milk, lump butter, size of an egg, 3 teaspoonfuls of baking powder, 2 tablespoonfuls burnt sugar, 2 eggs beaten well, Sperry flour enough to make stiff as a common cake. Sift the baking powder into the flour. Flavor with vanilla extract. To white icing add 2 spoons of burnt sugar and put between and on top of layers. This is a four-layer cake.

Irish Tea Bread
Makes 2 small loaves
8 oz (225g) raisins
8 oz (225g) currants
8 oz (225g) sultanas
4 oz (110g) whole candied peel, cut into ¼ inch (5 mm) pieces
8 oz (225g) Demerara sugar
10 fl oz (275 ml) Lapsang Souchong, Earl Grey or any other hot tea
4 ox (110g) peacn nuts
1 large egg at room temperature, lightly beaten with 2 tablespoons milk
1 lb (450g) self-raising flour

You will also need two 1 lb (450g) loaf tins, the bases lined with silicone paper (parchment).

Begin this the evening before by placing all the fruits, including the candied peel in a bowl, then dissolve the sugar in the hot tea, pour this over the fruits, cover the bowl and leave it overnight so the fruits become plump and juicy.
The next day, pre-hat the oven to gas mark 3, 325ºF (170ºC), t hen place the nuts on a baking sheet and pop them into the oven for 6-8 minutes (use a timer, as they burn easily). Then, when they are cool, roughly chop them. Next, add the beaten egg mixture to the bowl containing the fruits. Then sift in the flour, add the toasted nuts and give everything a really good mixing. Now divide the mixture between the prepared loaf tins and bake them in the centre of the oven for 1¼ - 1½ hours, until they feel springy in the centre. The straight away, loosen them with a palette knife and turn them out on to a wire rack to cool. The have patience – it won’t be long before you can taste some.

(Source: Delia’s How to Cook, Book One, by Delia Smith, BBC Worldwide Ltd, 1998)

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