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The Delectable mountains: blighted suitor appetite
Автор: Michael Malone
Первоисточник: The delectable mountains or, entertaining strangers

Off and on until morning, I hear Colum’s crutches clomping to the bathroom. Mama always told him not to drink so much Pepsi because they used it to clean johns in the navy and it was going to corrode his stomach, but he said it was never in there long enough to do much damage. I was pleased to discover I had insomnia, for I knew from literary experience that blighted suitors lost their appetites along with their beloveds, and so I’d been a little disturbed by the amount of food I had been able to absent-mindedly consume subsequent to my third full meal, when (according to Mama) I had ingested a leftover pork chop, a banana split, half a cantaloupe, a bowl of popcorn, a blow of chicken noodle soup, and two cold slices of pizza. But I could only assume that anguish lead to excess as well as to deprivation.
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