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PARSLEY - Петрушка
PARSLEY One of the most popular herbs, which may be used in many ways. A favorite garnish. May be used in fruit and vegetable salads, in sandwiches, in all soups and gravies, in meat sauces, minced and added just before serving to practically all vegetables, minced and added to white sauce.

Parsley is prized both for its looks and for its fresh, grassy flavor. There are two common varieties: the mild curly parsley and the more flavorful Italian parsley. Use curly parsley if you want looks and Italian parsley if you want flavor. Parsley doesn't hold up well to cooking, so add it to cooked dishes at the very last minute. Frozen parsley is a good substitute for fresh, but dried parsley adds only color.

Substitutes: chervil OR celery tops OR cilantro

parsley root = parsnip-rooted parsley = turnip-rooted parsley = Hamburg parsley = Dutch parsley = heimischer = padrushka

This is hard to find in the United States, but it's a popular root vegetable in Central Europe. Substitutes: celeriac OR carrots OR parsnips OR turnips

Did you know?
A sprig of parsley makes an excellent breath freshener; especially after a garlicky meal. The herb also provides vitamins A and C and iron.

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