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Хотите похудеть? Лечите голову!
Автор: butagoz
Первоисточник: Фотокулинар


Almost one in four adults in England is classified as obese.
If weight loss was easy – why overweight people would continue to put up with prejudice, disapproval and feelings of guilt and shame?

Have you tried to loose weight and found that nothing works?
Or some diet has worked for you, but then you have just put all that weight back on again?

There is no biological explanation to some people’s inability to regulate their food intake. Research findings seem to indicate that the secret lies in our emotional relationship with food.
It is not the real hunger that pushes us to reach for second helpings, but rather an emotional need, that we are trying to suppress.

In our Weight Management Counselling session we will first find out what Your relationship with food really is: What are you feeling just before reaching for food? How do you feel afterwards? What are you saying to yourself when you know you overeat?

The next stage will be to discover what your weight means to you? How do you see yourself? Can you imagine yourself being thin and how do you think people will treat you when you are thin?

We will also talk about the role food played in your family of origin – what messages were you getting from your parents about eating or not eating? What cultural attitudes to food were predominant in your country of origin? How were the overweight people regarded in the society?

The result will be that you will start listening to your body, recognise your emotional needs and find ways of dealing with them rather than overeating.

Instead of fighting your body you will begin to live in harmony with it and to enjoy your newfound energy and drive.

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